My experience at the CIC in Copenhagen

This is a short video summarising my weeks work experience at the CIC in Copenhagen. I had an absolutely amazing time and learnt so, so much. I completed one of my childhood dreams: to work with ice cores as a climate archive. I apologise that my video editing skills are not the finest, but I hope you enjoy the insight into the great work that happens at the CIC. There are some really brilliant people there!




My childhood dream: touching an ice core. Not even just ‘any’ ice core… a GRIP ice core. I’m a very privileged undergraduate. Photo taken at the CIC in Copenhagen.

The Centre For Ice And Climate

The Centre For Ice And Climate

I went to the Centre for Ice and Climate for a week in Copenhagen. It is in affiliation with the Niels Bohr Institute and University of Copenhagen. I was working with Paul Vallelonga in the CFA (Continual Flow Analysis) lab, melting firn from the North East Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS), as well running NEEM S1 discrete samples. I was fortunate enough to work with Anders Svensson and cut the NEGIS firn for one morning. In addition, I was able to work with the Swansea Tephra Group and cut GRIP ice for tephra analysis. 

It was the most amazing experience and I loved every second of it. It has only enthused my desires to pursue a career in palaeoclimatology!