Palaeoclimate Sources/Data Handling

Databank – International Surface Temperature Initiative supplies raw data from a variety of sources

Real Climate – A catalogue of up to date climate sources

Climate Data Library – Over 300 datasets for a variety of climate science research

Stereo32 – A downloadable software that enables strike and dip information to be transformed into Stereonet diagrams **website is in German, so it is advisable that you open this page in Google Chrome whereby a translate option is available**

Calibration Converter – For a quick and crude way to convert your uncalibrated radiocarbon dates to calibrated dates

PAST – A free downloadable software that is extremely similar to Microsoft Excel. You can employ a range of statistical analysis on your datasets. The graphs produced are also easy to edit in Adobe Illustrator.

QuikGrid – A free downloadable software that enables 3D surface elevation models from scattered data points.


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